What we offer


We sell generous hand-tied bouquets of freshly picked flowers. These will reflect the time of year and include what is in season. No two bouquets are ever the same, and their style can be described as informal and natural.

Prices start from £25. Orders need to be made at least 24 hours before collection to give us time to harvest, condition and arrange your flowers.

DIY Flowers

DIY Flowers

We sell buckets of mixed flowers and foliage in proportions of approximately 60% flower to 40% greenery for weddings, funerals, parties and other special occasions and events. This array of beautiful blooms will appeal to your creative streak, as you can arrange the flowers according to your ideas.

A bucket typically contains 50-60 stems of seasonal flowers

Please bring your own vessels for transporting the flowers to your destination.

Flowers for Florists

We welcome enquires from local florists and people who love to work with beautiful blooms and want to source English flowers grown nearby.

Flowers for florists
Garden Cottage Flowers

Flowers for Photo Shoots and Displays

We can provide flowers for these occasions.

Holiday Cottage Flowers

Please contact us if you want to have a regular supply of fresh flowers to welcome your holiday guests.

Holiday Cottage Flowers
Fresh Flowers from the New Forest | Garden Cottage Flowers


We welcome visits from Flower Clubs, Flower Arrangers and other interested groups for a moderate fee and like to show what we grow and the methods we use.